Blue Grotto reopening for first time in months

Live music club reopens

For over 20 years, the live music club has kept Kamloopsians moving their feet.

"It's going to be social, but low-key.  Only 50 people will be allowed in, socially distanced.  We have areas sectioned off so that each 6-person bubble is able to social distance," says owner Puppy Johnston.

He also plans to bring back live music as soon as next week.

"We want to be a responsible business, but we also want to make sure the people of Kamloops have a place to go to relieve the stress they have been under with this pandemic," Johnston continues.

Unlike restaurants, nightclubs cannot replace their patrons with new ones when they walk out, so Johnston says he is going to work even harder to ensure people are having a good time.  So much so, he and his team have spent days constructing permanent safety measures in the bar.

"Although there are health and safety measures in place, you can still dance and have a great time in your cubical," he adds.

Like many other entrepreneurs, Johnston faces the fear of his dream of owning his own business coming to an end because of the pandemic.

"I've always believed in what we provide to the community as a safe place to come and dance, relax, and have fun," Johnston says tearfully.  "It's not going to be the same, but I want Kamloops to know that we're devoted to keeping them healthy and happy."

The Blue Grotto is officially re-opened as of Friday night.  For more information about this weekend's events, call 250- 372-9901.

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