Kamloops doctors applaud residents' response to pandemic

Local doctors thank public

Doctors in Kamloops are thanking residents for their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have seen incredible buy-in locally,” says Dr. Elizabeth Parfitt, Infectious Disease Specialist at Royal Inland Hospital, in a press release. “People paraded us and put up signs on our lawns that brought tears to my eyes, but the public’s efforts are heroic because without their buy-in we wouldn’t be sitting in such a favourable position to meet the challenges of this pandemic."

She adds that vigilance is still needed to keep the pandemic at bay.

The release, from the Thompson Region Division of Family Practice, states that doctors and nurses through out Kamloops and the surrounding towns and villages have taken note of what the public has done to flatten the curve and keep transmission of the virus to a minimum.

Doctors are still encouraging people to contact medical professionals during the pandemic. Family doctor Dr. Chip Bantock notes many issues can be dealt with over the phone or via video calls. Emergency rooms and urgent care centres are also still open

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