Kamloops seniors care home holds parade for staff

Parade for care aides

Staff at Pine Grove Care Centre had a surprise this afternoon (April 6), as a parade of grateful people came by to say thank you.

The parade was organized by the centre's recreational manager Wendy Romanowski, who says the idea was pitched by other society members. It started off with 10 or so people, but today a couple dozen people showed up to parade by with signs, balloons and honking.

Outside the care home, staff watched, cheered and waved back (at a respectful distance).

"The parade is the family members (of residents) showing support to the amazing staff," she says. "That's what it's about, giving the staff that extra boost."

"They need to know they're loved and we know they're all doing such an amazing job in there keeping families safe."

The care home hasn't accepted visitors in over two weeks in an effort to keep COVID-19 out. As older demographics are at a higher risk to contract the virus, there's increased pressure on those entering long-term care facilities.

"But they're courageous people," says Romanowski of the staff. "They put their smiles on everyday for these folks even though probably inside they're terrified, but they're doing what they want to do and they're doing it with their hearts."

The parade was organized to boost spirits; to keep spirits up, Romanowski is putting up the signs people brought around the outside of the centre, so when staff or residents look out, they can see the messages.

"I'm blessed. I can work at home," says Romanowksi. "I admire these people who come in day in and day out and do what they do with the risk."

"We have an amazing team and I love them all."

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