VIDEO: Kamloops Film Fest has a killer 23-movie lineup for 2019

It's the Kamloops Film Festival's (KFF) 23rd year and they're bringing 23 feature films to town as part of the 10-day silver screen celebration.

Along with the 23 films (listed below), there'll be related events, including the Kamloops Independent Short Short (KISS) Film Fest

KFF tickets are $5 for children and students, $10 for seniors and $11 for adults. Passes are also available. KISS, happening March 10 at noon, is free to attend. All films are being shown at the Paramount Theatre downtown.

Two of the films (The House That Jack Built and Suspiria) are part of DarkFest, a mini horror-film fest embedded in KFF.

For more information and tickets, click HERE.

This Mountain Life March 7; 7 p.m.

This adventure documentary will kick things off. It captures the journey of a mother and daughter as they travel 2,300 kilometres through the Coast Mountain Range in B.C. and Alaska. At the same time, it touches on other stories of people's lives around mountains, including skiing nuns and mountain climbers.

Anthropocene — The Human Epoch March 8; 6 p.m.

A documentary about the impact humanity has had on Earth in a variety of manners, from ice caps to farming to mining.

The House That Jack Built (part of DarkFest) March 8; 9 p.m.

Starring Matt Dillon with Uma Thurman, this Lars von Trier thriller follows Jack, a serial killer with an artistic side. (Warning: This movie is not for the faint of heart.)

Frozen Sing-Along March 9; Noon

It's the film Frozen, but better! Singing is highly encouraged. 

Capernaum March 9; 2 p.m.

Capernaum means chaos in Arabic, and this film (which won the Jury Prize at the Canne Film Festival last year and is up for an Oscar this year) recounts the life of 12-year-old Lebanese boy Zain as he takes his parents to court. The film was written and directed by Nadine Labaki, who's previous film Where Do We Go Now? was shown at Kamloops Film Fest.

Edge of the Knife March 9; 5 p.m.

The first film ever shot in the language of B.C.'s Haida people, Edge of the Knife tells the story of the Kwakwaka'wakw's people living near the Haida. Made by First Nations filmmakers Helen Haig-Brown and Gwaii Edenshaw, it's part drama and part historical.

Finding Big Country March 9; 7 p.m.

Grizzlies super-fan Kat Jayne looks back at the ill-fated Vancouver NBA team and their first star, Bryant "Big Country" Reeves.

Suspira (part of DarkFest) March 9; 10 p.m.

Inspired by a 1977 film of the same name (which was based on an 1845 essay collection spawned out of an opium addiction), Suspiria is a supernatural and psychological horror film focusing on an aspiring dancer who joins a dance academy with a dark background. Directed by Luca Guadagnino, it stars Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton.

SIR March 10; 2 p.m.

This Hindi romance follows Ratna, a maid for the wealthy Ashwin. The juxtaposition of their lives while falling in love drives the story.

The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova March 10; 5 p.m.

This Canadian flick follows a brother and sister sent on a quest to retrieve the bones of their dying grandma's dog...in Dombrova, Poland.

Never Look Away March 10; 8 p.m.

Inspired by real events over three different eras, this German film looks at art, politics and tragedy as two students fall in love (Ellie and Kurt), but Ellie's father with a dark past intervenes.

At Eternity's Gate March 11; 6 p.m.

The retelling of Vincent van Gogh's tragic life, starring Willem Dafoe, Mads Mikkelsen and Oscar Isaac, captures his final years in the south of France. Treated as a madman and failure by society while alive, he's regarded as one of the most talented and acclaimed painters of all time now.

The Grizzlies March 11; 9 p.m.

Another story based on actual events, the Grizzlies are a lacrosse team started by new teacher Russ Shephard in Kugluktuk in Canada's arctic while the community struggles with a high suicide rate.

Sink or Swim March 12; 6 p.m.

A bunch of 40-year-old French guys form a synchronized swim team as they battle mid-life crisis, ridicule and other teams. It's one of the lighter films on the docket.

Vox Lux March 12; 9 p.m.

Natalie Portman plays a pop star struggling with fame. It also touches on her history, as she rose to fame after a school shooting while she was a teenager.

Wildlife March 13; 6 p.m.

Actor Paul Dano becomes director Paul Dano for this look at a small family struggling with marriage problems, existential issues and a nearby wildfire in 1960s Montana.

Shoplifters March 13; 9 p.m.

A group, living as a family, rely on the shoplifting of Osamu and Shota to get by. Things begin to change after the pair bring Yuri, a neighbourhood girl, into the fold after finding evidence she was being abused. Winner of last year's prestigious Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or.

The Bromley Boys March 14; 6 p.m.

Another feature for sports fans, the 1960s were a rough time for the Bromley soccer team, but fan David Roberts sticks with them as he navigates high school.

Roma March 14; 9 p.m.

Another film from critically acclaimed director and writer Alfonso Cuarón, Roma is set in 1970s Mexico City where Cleo is a maid for a well-off family. The film follows her struggles as a pregnancy and occasionally violent city impact her life. Up for a ton of different international awards.

Circle of Steel March 15; 6 p.m.

Alberta's oil fields aren't commonly the background for a satire, but here we are. The idea of potential layoffs and its impact on the employees at an oil company fuel this comedy.

Cold War March 15; 9 p.m.

Black and white. Polish. A 95 per cent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. All true for this story of love and art set during the cold war in a country where freedom is uncommon.

Ben Is Back March 16; 3 p.m.

Julia Roberts plays the mother of a son struggling with addiction. The plot follows his return and how it impacts the family.

Kayak to Klemtu March 16; 6 p.m.

A fairly timely film, 14-year-old Ella tackles a trip along B.C.'s Inside Passage as a way to bring attention to her people's ancestral land and concerns about fuel barges crossing the ocean passage. The cast includes former Kamloopsian and TRU honourary doctorate holder Lorne Cardinal.

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