BC's newest millionaire

Sometimes lady luck smiles upon you.

At least she did in the case of BC's newest millionaire. 

Joseph Kristmanson says he usually picks his own numbers, but when he purchased his Lotto Max ticket for the Dec. 21, 2018 draw, he let lady luck play her part, instead using the Quick Pick option.

The Kamloops man matched all seven numbers to win a $1 million Lotto Max Maxmillion prize.
"I was checking a bunch of tickets. I couldn’t believe it," said Kristmanson. "The retailer was stocking milk beside me and noticed I had won. She was so excited for me."

Kristmanson bought and checked his winning ticket at General Grant’s Convenience Store on Fortune Drive in Kamloops.

"The first thing I did was call my close friend. He thought I was kidding."
Kristmanson has been playing Lotto Max regularly since it came out in 2009. "I play all the other games too. I do choose my own numbers such as my birthday and year, but not this time. Sure glad I didn’t," he said, adding that he hasn’t had much time to think about what he’s going to do with all the money. 

Despite his calm demeanour regarding the win, Kristmanson does have some travel plans in the mix. 

"I’d like to go to Australia and I think I will plan something for the New Year," he said, noting that the spirit of the giving season is still upon him.

"I will definitely be donating some of this win and help those that I can."
Kristmanson is among 39 British Columbians to win a Lotto Max Maxmillions prize so far in 2018.

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