House-selling secrets

How to sell a house that didn't sell the first time

If your house has just expired from the market, you are probably bombarded with realtors calling you, looking for their next listing.

But before you give your realtor an extension or choose a new one, step back and examine the six key points to ensure you sell your house the next time. 

You need to spend time researching ways to get back on track by examining the previous strategy your Okanagan realtor was using and why it failed.

When you analyse your past relationship, you will probably discover that one of these following four important components in selling your home was lacking: 

Teamwork: Were you and your listing agent working together to make the sale of your home a reality? 

When discussing what you want to achieve in selling your house, did your agent provide a concrete marketing plan to get the job done?

If the objectives were not realistic, did the listing agent let you know the problems at hand or did they just take your listing for granted? 

An open line of communication is imperative in getting your home sold. If you saw your agent once and then did not talk to them again for the duration of your listing – time to find a new agent. 

Marketing your home for more reach:  Often, the only mistake made when hiring the first realtor is they had no marketing plan. If your home is not exposed to the market properly, it is tough to find a buyer. 

When interviewing agents, examine their marketing plan and reach. Ask them to show you how and where exactly your property will be marketed.  Ask for customer testimonials to be sure others have been happy with their service and results.

The condition of your home: Would you consider the condition of your house excellent?  

Are there things you could do to make your home more desirable the next time it is for sale? If your house looks like a dream house for someone else, it has a far better chance of selling for a better price than homes that offer potential. 

When buyers come in to check your house, are they satisfied with what they see or they are probably calculating the amount of money they’ll need to fix the house? If so, your price will need to be adjusted accordingly. 

Price: Is the price of your house working for you or against you? If the price works for you, and the marketing plan was effective, then a suitable buyer should have materialized within the listing period. I

f it works against you (too expensive), many potential buyers will ignore your home.

The right price can be determined by so many factors such as:

  • Market conditions – What is happening in the economy in your city?
  • Competition and the number of houses within your price range
  • The condition of your home, and
  • Market timing – Some months are better for selling certain homes than others.

Any real-estate professional you interview should be able to help you with all the above. If they cannot, move on. 

For more information on the best way to sell your Okanagan home the first time (or the second, or the third), contact the Salt Fowler Team at RE/MAX Vernon and Just Add Salt!

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Lisa Salt is a Vernon born Realtor® who, along with her husband Gord Fowler from Calgary, lead one of the most successful and dynamic real estate teams in the North Okanagan. 

An international clay target shooting champion, Lisa brought the attributes of hard work and diligent focus to the real estate industry to create the success she and her team have today. 

To experience the local knowledge and expertise that only someone born and raised in the Okanagan can offer, call Lisa today and 'Just Add Salt'.

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