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Kirschner Mountain Development

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It was time to do a trip up Kirschner Mountain to have a look at the development and the progress that has been made since the project got under way in 2000. I met Allan Kirschner one of the three brothers that own the development just off Highway 33 and we went to work driving up the mountain through the development that has been started right to the top. It is first of all an amazing view no matter where you seem to be on the site.

Much thought has gone into the design of the roadway system and the lighting on the site and some very fancy stonework.

When we go to the top that is the first time I have ever seen Layercake Mountain so close. As a matter of a fact Allan said we can swing around and go right up almost on top of it for a better view if you like. No, this was perfect and down below was Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Resort and the old swing bridge. He told me that miner’s cabins used to be all over the woods down below. The brothers used to play down there.

It really doesn’t matter where the truck stopped on the mountain, the view was spectacular.

Allan and his brothers Don and Gordon own the project. Their father started it all when he bought 640 acres for a ranch back in 1958. They began their work to get the mountain into production back in 2000 and it took three years before they had all the papers and legal work done and they began to sell lots.

At present there are 97 homes in the development with more on the way and two new subdivisions about to open for sale this year. In the middle of May, The Montenegro (which means Black Mountain) will have twenty lots available and in late September, Lago Vista will be a 76-lot phase.

It is an open development, people are buying lots and arranging their own building or some builders are buying two or three lots for speculation. Everything on the mountain is controlled by the developers and there is a strict code as to what can be built.

Most of the people up there are retired and enjoying life. Great spot for that.

Tim Evans is the man in charge and when you want to see the development and what lots are available you can call him at 862-0895 . . .

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