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New Year's resolutions and plant-based diets

A year ago, I wrote an article about how we generally bust a new year's resolution a few weeks into it.

I recommended setting a progressive goal rather than a “static goal”. I committed to lose one pound a month rather than 12 pounds over the year.

I had fallen into a more lethargic lifestyle after all the adventure work I had done and decided to shape up a bit.

At the same time, a good friend, Sonya Looney, who is a world champion endurance mountain biker, recommended I consider a plant-based diet and watch the Netflix movie Fork over Knife.

The concept of a plant-based diet was comfortable with me because my wife and I used to own a vegetarian restaurant back in the early 1980s. The movie added fuel to the fire.

It was time for a lifestyle change. 

I know it sounds simple enough, but it never is. My wife decided that she would join me, but only five days a week and that way we could prep and eat the same food. 

A few weeks into the new regime, I absolutely felt more healthy on a Friday evening than I did on a Sunday evening. We did not gorge ourselves on meat on the weekends, but the change in diet was noticeable. So much so that last month I decided to eat plant-based seven days a week.

Another complication was my business travel schedule and meeting types. This served to ensure that I constantly struggled to maintain a plant-based diet. Whether it was being ridiculed for ordering vegetarian as everyone else had steaks on the table or giving in to some unhealthy inflight food.

But I never lost sight of the prize. A healthier lifestyle and one pound a month weight loss.

To assist, I also got back into programmed running. I enjoy the positive effects of running and was doing some strength and conditioning training to assist in injury prevention… then, the B.C. fires started.

We were so choked with smoke in Kaslo that I decided to back off from filling my lungs with smoke during a run and fell back into a more sedentary lifestyle. 

I was struggling. Finally, a few months ago I had an operation on a wrist, which curtailed further exercise. I stood on the scales and saw 193 pounds… the very same weight I was at the beginning of the year.


Not to be outdone, I dug in a little deeper. Since the operation, I have focused on a plant-based diet and started running as soon as my arm would allow.

The good news — I am looking at 182 pounds on the scales. With one month left, that puts me exactly on track. I feel much healthier, running is easier with 11 pounds less and if you have watched the movie too, you will know I am healthier

The moral of the story… it is not a two-week resolution that we commit to it is a new year's resolution so why quit before day 365 after only 14 days?

If you are interested in learning more about plant-based diets and how they can improve you performance, take a look at this page.

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