Change is a great break

Last week, my very fabric was rejuvenated by a three-day trip to Salt Spring Island with some good friends who had moved to Victoria several years ago.

We had a lofty goal — to paddle touring kayaks from Ganges to Prevost Island. Hugely ambitious I know, but with our trusty guide Lisa, we set sail (or paddle) and about nine kilometres later, we had arrived on our Treasure Island before falling asleep for a nap.

Napping is an important pastime on vacations and this trip was no exception. Our guide showed extreme patience as various members of the group — typically inspired by my snoring — simply lay down and napped in fields, on beaches, even rocks.

The local log became affectionately known as “the couch” as the attached photo attests.

It was relaxing, educational and at some points exciting as we paddled in some blowing winds and encountered wavelets! The wildlife was on show and the meals were superb.

When I returned, I was reminded by a friend of the impact of a story I had shared with her a few years ago. I had told about a trip my wife and I took to Whistler where we locked ourselves in a hotel room only to leave once we had redesigned our life.

We had changed our priorities and decided to put ourselves in the middle of the decision-making equation. If it were not for that, we probably would not have been on Salt Spring Island at all.

It turned life on end for us. It gave us a perspective that we had never focused on before.

We designed a life we actually wanted to live.

The change we fear most is the change that is the most healthy for us. Too often, we settle for decisions that only benefit one aspect of our life, often to the detriment of other important areas and relationships. 

I embrace change. I live it, love it and promote it. My best advice for anyone who wants to change is invest in the process early. If you believe you want to learn to play the piano, buy the piano.

You can only sit and look at it so long before you actually do something about playing it. If you don't make that commitment, you will forever wonder if you could have been a piano player.

So our break was amazing, Salt Spring Island Adventure did a remarkable job of hosting us and I for one live by the Latin phrase made more common by the Robin Williams movie — Carpe Diem.

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