A perfect study In leadership

When we think of a favourite leader who has impacted our life, what are the qualities that leave such an incredible impression?

Perhaps a few of them might include:

  • Humility
  • Calmness
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Inspiring
  • Engaged
  • Hard working
  • Natural Leader
  • Communicator
  • Worldly
  • Focus
  • Confident
  • Transparent
  • Honest
  • Integrity
  • Passionate

No matter whether the person is leading a corporation, an organization, a team or influencing people outside of their sphere they need to be able to put checks in some of these boxes to be successful at leading.

My favourite story about leadership is in relation to John Maxwell, himself a very inspiring business thought leader.

John used to be a pastor a church that required approximately 2,000 volunteers to operate. A significant organization in anybody’s books.

He then had the opportunity to change location and pastor a new church. The congregation was naturally disappointed, as was John Maxwell after developing so many close relationships. 

The geographic move was substantial and he expected to build a church from the ground up and train more volunteers.

What surprised John is that many of his volunteers resigned their jobs, sold their houses and moved with him… such is the influence of a competent leader.

What confuses me most is how Donald Trump is even president of the U.S. Could he put checks in any of the boxes above?

Would a new list of leadership qualities include bullying, arrogance, ignorance, vulgarity, crudeness, and impoliteness?

Trump is a perfect study for students of leadership. He is running an organization with a revolving door that appears to be built on a foundation of intimidation and lies.

His modus operandi is to routinely pull the rug out from under the feet of his most senior advisers. None of these are leadership qualities.

The other important question is did Trump just shake up Washington (as was his promise) or did Trump discover that Washington is his greatest nemesis — perhaps a place that is complex, not transparent with a tendency to bully when it does not get what it wants.

The one thing that I can guarantee is that when Trump is engaging with so many enemies on his own turf and initiating battles daily with various individuals, he has no power to tackle the global challenges that the U.S. will face increasingly with his isolationist policies.

I think I have an idea how it might play out.


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