Through The Looking Glass

Last week, my wife and I took a weekend to do some sailing on Kootenay Lake.

It was a refreshing break from a busy work schedule and an often conflicting diary. Frankly, it was just what the doctor ordered.

I am now resigned to the fact that I need to take my reading specs wherever I go. The old trick of putting the menu on the ground and standing up to read it no longer works. So loaded with bedding, a bottle of wine and my readers, we stepped on the boat.

Moxie, our boat, was a comfortable host for the weekend and what we intended to be a one-night adventure turned in to a few days because we enjoyed ourselves so much.

However, the adverse effects of sailing made themselves known as soon as we arrived home. Aside from having sea legs and having to hold onto the dining room table while eating in the evening, I became distressed at a sudden worsening of vision in my left eye.

What could it be? 

With my glasses on, I looked first through my left eye and then my right and sure enough a harsh reality confronted me… my eyesight in my left eye had deteriorated radically. 

I spoke to my wife and stated that perhaps I had a lazy eye, just a little tired after sailing the boat for a few days. She agreed and said that she gets exactly the same thing occasionally. 

Phew! Comforting words indeed; it happens to someone else too. 

I had experienced something similar once before after returning from a convention and being gifted a cholesterol test kit. We promptly tried the kits, my result said go to Emergency at the hospital immediately. 

My wife was, well, perfect.

I was so angry that I was out of control that I rapidly changed my diet overnight. Just for fun I tested the next day and I was down to normal… my diet had had an immediate effect.

Until I thought about the journey home where I scoffed two burgers — most out of character for me — and not realizing I had spiked in cholesterol.

I slept on the lazy eye theory. 

The next morning I was first up. I went downstairs to make a pot of tea, anxious to prove that my eye had righted itself I slipped on my readers.

Nope, exactly the same.

What could it possibly be I thought?

I had another pair of readers; perhaps the sunlight had damaged a lens. Crazy I know, but a theory worth testing. 

I put on my other specs and wow, it was a miracle. My theory had proved right. I had a degraded lens in my main readers on the left eye. What a crazy thing.

I picked up the defunct reading specs knowing that I could now at least see relatively well through both eyes. It was at that time that something unusual caught my attention. 

The left lens had no reflection the way the right lens did. It was indeed damaged. I went to polish it with a rag to see if I could perhaps restore it. 

That was the point at which both fingers went straight through the lensless frame.

In the middle of the adventure, I had lost my left lens and not even noticed… neither had anyone else around me so I am not entirely blameless.

I felt like a real buffoon and as the household woke up we all joined in some hysterical laughter at my concern of having a seriously damaged left eye after a day in the sun.

Other than that it was a fantastic weekend.

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