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Almost a year ago today, my youngest son and his wife opened up a restaurant on Bernard Avenue. Muninn’s Post is a venue for an eclectic group of people. Mostly nerds, and, in large part, board gamers. 

Just over a year before that, I said to both of our children, “Why would I teach you about investing in the stock market when I don’t do that personally, and don’t believe in the value it offers? Why would I not, instead, teach you how to be self employed and invest in yourself?”

The answer came back - “Dad, we want to open a nerd bar” - my response - “That’s nice” as I turned to my wife and said, "What the heck is a nerd bar?”

Turns out it is a pretty popular destination for what is turning out to be a very sizeable part of our population, and a segment of society that has not been catered to.

As we did the research together, we were convinced that it was a solid idea. Their shareholders were convinced as well.

So, as the concept evolved, I was told - “We are going to play heavy metal.” - my response - “That’s nice” as I turned to my wife and said, “Did I not teach them anything about music?”

As with so many things, our perception as parents of what might be successful is so far off the mark in a young person’s world that I had no problem stepping back and simply guiding gently, to correct the course as necessary, which it really hasn’t been.

I never voiced my opinion that metal music is loud and obnoxious to me. In fact, I became a bit of a closet metal fan, even buying my wife a Korpiklaani album for Valentines, which, as it happens, did not work out very well.

So imagine my surprise when the kids came home one day and told me they had a jazz series on Friday evenings.

I was thrilled. I was weaned on jazz, and play jazz guitar rather badly - but well enough to mess up a tune or two on stage, perhaps.

Once a month, Trevor Salloum and his talented group of musicians and guests are playing at Muninn’s Post. 

The first evening was a great success, and it is going to be even more popular as word gets around.

Tickets are sold at the door for a few bucks on the second Friday of every month, and the atmosphere is ‘nerd chic’. Don’t know if ‘nerd chic’ is really an atmosphere, but it sounds cool, and that is what Jazz - at least to me - is.

You can get all the information you need here

Muninn’s Post 

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