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As a keynote speaker I relish the opportunity to engage with an audience.
People talk about getting into a “zone”, athletes in particular. I can absolutely tell you that when you are in that area, the energy and focus is amazing.
Getting out of our comfort zone is exactly what allows us to get close to the “zone”. If we are not willing to venture outside of that warm and comfortable area we will never engage the inner mind that can allow us to make decisions and actions that we usually did not believe we were capable of.
The power of the inner mind is untapped by most people but once you have walked to the edge and seen what you are capable of, you will want to return frequently.
I have found over the past several months that I have been in a zone of sorts, figuring our new marketing plans and projects as we move towards what is without a doubt the most exciting project of my life! All the details will be released soon.
I am so excited to have the opportunity not only to grow a business working alongside colleague Andre Voskuil in the Alternative Investment industry but also participate in what is going to be a record breaking world's first attempt. It will be an opportunity to use all of the resources I can bring to bear as well as use lots of the potential stored up in my inner mind.
Those experiences combine to make some pretty engaging keynotes presentations one of which we have just developed.
“When Pigs Fly” is a talk that will help anyone face a gigantic project, a monstrous opportunity that scares you perhaps. It is the way I have lived my life and so I decided to share a few ideas and thoughts with you in that keynote. The idea came from an evening where I was giving a presentation and my time slot was disappearing as the organizers attempted to get through some other business. Finally, I was asked to talk as the clock approached 9:30 PM and I knew I would not have the attention of many people as I saw tables being refreshed with beer and wine.
As a result, I decided to scrap the prepared keynote I had and talk about crazy adventures and projects I had participated in and the stories and experiences I had from them, most of which had to do with big accidents in cars or paragliders or motorbikes!
The audience completely leaned in that night and were inspired by the stories I shared.
It made me remember a question I share with people quite often. If your grandchild sat on your lap and said, “Tell me about the most exciting thing that has happened in your life,” what would your answer be?
If you would find it hard to answer, ask me for a few ideas or get out and create some of your own experiences this year!

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Mark has been an entrepreneur for over forty years. His experience spans many commercial sectors and aspects of business. He was one of the youngest people to be appointed as a Fellow of the prestigious Institute of Sales and Marketing Management before he left the UK in 1988.

His column focuses on ways we can improve on success in our lives. Whether it is business, relationships, or health, Mark has a well-rounded perspective on how to stay focused for growth and development.

His influences come from the various travels he undertakes as an adventurer, philanthropist and keynote speaker. More information can be found on Mark at his website www.markjenningsbates.com

He is a Venture Partner with www.DutchOracle.com a global Alternative Investment company.

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