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2015 is here. We are a month in and I already feel like we are living in a different world... global uncertainty in the oil markets, continued turmoil in the middle east and winter seems to be leaving us behind even more quickly than normal. But I love change!
Most of my focus today is on marketing projects as I look at various different business opportunities with business partner Andre Voskuil and his Alternative Investment company.
As I study trends in marketing, it is not possible to do anything but wander over to digital terrain and see what the ground looks like. We may be familiar with traditional advertising and marketing mediums, but frankly the digital world makes life a lot easier once you have figured it out.
I have been working closely with video marketing for several years now. Both my charity and adventure activities benefit from being able to “entertain” an audience and draw attention to the plight of the people we are trying to help.
So it was no surprise to me to hear some of the predictions for 2015 regarding social media platform YouTube. While it is not the only video platform on the Internet, it is the biggest with well over one billion views each. In fact it is now the second largest search engine in the world and owned by Google which is handy.
The trends we are seeing in the marketing world are a desire for people to get more information in less time. The answer is video. Think about it for a moment. Let's say you break your iPhone screen. Pain in the butt, and it is going to cost you money but you have seen the parts for sale on eBay. How do you find out how to do it? You watch a video. Want to learn to play the guitar? Watch a video. Want to replace the alternator on your vehicle? Watch a video. 
If we look at so many aspects of our lives we realize how unproductive we may have been. Typically as a REALTOR® you have to travel to conventions or seminars and yet, very easily, the seminar can come to you. No expensive travel, hotel bills, risk of accidents etc. At the end of this month we launch our latest project a Realtor Training Course that does exactly that. Brings the training to you so that you can control your schedule.
People are tiring of long winded emails, complicated websites and marketing materials that send you down rabbit holes. 2015 will be a year of getting to the point. 
By 2017, 80% of bandwidth will be swallowed up by video content, that is why the top YouTube icons like Disney and Taylor Swift have between four to five billion viewers! That is not a traditional mail campaign or newspaper advertising project.
In 2015 it will be all about video. If your company wants to find out how get the best placement on YouTube, reach out to me. I can give you some ideas that will help!

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