It's all about determination

Have you ever thought about why many people fail to get to the finish line? Frankly, kudos to those people for even starting, because most people never take the first step. However, once you have taken that first step, every step after is one more closer to the end. At some point many people simply stop walking.
A good friend of mine always says that in an endurance physical event, 90% of the struggle is mental, the other 10% is in your head! I have always found this to be very true. Just keep moving.
It doesn't negate the fact you need to be prepared to execute your project, whether an Ironman, an ultra marathon or a new start up business venture.
Recently, I have had the chance to witness my son and daughter-in-law start their first business. I have lived vicariously through their adventure and occasionally planted a seed with regard to where they may find a solution for a particular problem.
I have started many businesses since I was eleven years old. Every one seems to have a very similar strategy. You start with an idea, you get it on paper, you promote it to some partners or investors, the plan is perfect and then you step off and at that particular point, you learn to be very dynamic and creative. Somehow, the plan did not work in its entirety.
It never works quite like your plan. Determination is the key to your own success or failure. You need to know ahead of time that your initial plan may not work. The strategy may be perfect, but the tactics will always flex.
For them, I have witnessed them dealing with delays in permitting, negotiations with contractors, learning to do much of the work themselves because of budget restrictions. At a tender young age, they have learned a lot of lessons. I have seen them have sleepless nights because they were not sure their plans were going to work out the following morning and yet, every time they felt like that, the plan did come together because they did not quit, they are determined.
As a result, North America’s first ever Viking themed, nerd eatery will open at 575 Bernard Avenue before the end of January.
Their concept is very cool and is getting a lot of engagement from consumers online. People are anxious to see the now infamous “Viking Boat Bar”, literally a Viking Boat which dominates the eating area (www.muninnspost.com).
Their food will be somewhat eclectic pub food (since Viking Food was not particularly palatable - think rotten fish and burned sheep's head!) at a great value together with a fine collection of Ales for the beer connoisseur - at a great price too.
Heavily constructed cedar tables will provide the perfect environment for friendly conversation without the interference of a noisy sports TV in the background and benches will be covered with furs for a little extra comfort.
Expect discounts for showing up looking a little like a Viking or for dropping your cell phone in to the “technology box” at the end of your table - but be careful, don’t even look at a text or you will lose your discount... Oh and there will be board games - lots of them.
It will be fun, different and overall, affordable. Muninn’s Post (The Post) is going to be the latest exciting addition to the Downtown Kelowna core and they are tenacious because at the end of the day, it is all about determination. Don’t ever tell them “they are just lucky”, luck has nothing to do with success.

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