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December 25 a common birthday for deities

Birthday boy deities

Ten deities share Dec. 25 as their birth date. The list of gods is as follows;

  1. Apollo - Greek god of the sun. He was said to be a healer, producer of medicine, and a musician.
  2. Attis - The god of vegetation had a thing for self-mutilation and castration. He was supposedly born of a virgin and rose again after three days dead in a grave.
  3. Bacchus - AKA Dionysus, (son of Zeus), was called the god of agriculture, wine and fertility. They likewise knew him as a conqueror, wanderer, and founder of cities. He drank a lot of fermented grape juice.
  4. Helios - A sun god who drove chariots across the sky. He was a titan, enormous and powerful. He brought light to the earth daily.
  5. Hercules - A slayer of mythical monsters and rescuing damsels in distress. However, he was kinky, with a girdle fetish. Hercules, the naughty celestial being, stole the garments from the Amazons. It is unclear if the warrior women were wearing them, but he probably did them a favour by removing the wretched underwear. They could breathe much easier now.
  6. Horus - He was a falcon headed dude and monarch of Egypt, son of god, guardian of places, persons and lineages.
  7. Jupiter - Touted as ruler of the gods, he was a Roman pantheon, shining father, god of light and sun, protector of the state and laws. He was sired by Saturn, and a brother of Neptune.
  8. Mithras - Was of Persian descent and of angelic divinity. He was a covenant maker and carried out secret ritual oaths.
  9. Nimrod - Was a person mentioned in the Bible. Great- grandson of Noah, Nimrod was a tyrant, opposed Yahweh, hunter of men, ruthless, vile and filthy. He took whatever woman he pleased. His descendants built the tower of Babel. They worshipped him as Baal, the primary enemy of Hebrew God Yahweh. Baal demanded child sacrifice, and they burned babies alive in his statue. His worshippers also considered prostitution sacred, along with sex cults.
  10. Jesus - The last but not least. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He’s the one triune God. He was born of a virgin and is both human and divine.

Why was Jesus thrown into this mix with these other so-called gods sharing the same birthday? The rationale was that by adding him to the list, the masses would widely accept him.

Also there was much money to be had.

His correct birth date is unknown, according to the website, Jesus was born in September or early October, while the shepherds were tending sheep in the fields. December is marked by heavy rains, which is not conductive to letting livestock out to pasture. He was born in a barn because there was no room in nearby inns.

He, the King of the Universe, was delivered in a humble stable instead of a palace in order to save humanity some 33 years later.

While alive, he performed many miracles, which were documented in the old and new testaments, but also in other historical records. Jewish historian and military leader Flavius Josephus was born four years after Jesus of Nazareth’s crucifixion and wrote about Him.

Of all the dubious deities listed, number 10 is the one that stands out as honourable, heroic and omnipotent.

We’ve globally celebrated Jesus’ birth on Dec, 25 since the 12th century.

Although his correct DOB is unidentified, his reputation speaks for itself. Jesus was not a lavish pharaoh that needed human acknowledgement, and that is probably why the date was omitted. He came into the world to serve, not to be served and gave his life as a ransom for many. Matthew 20:28; And even while we were still enemies. Romans 5:10.

Is that not infinitely better than what the first nine were all about?

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