Horoscope: October 2 - 8

A slow, steady pace will help to avoid problems and allow time to overcome upsets or other issues. Pull in the reins to avoid rushing into things without thinking. A structured approach brings positive results all round. Look at ways to enhance status or income this week. Make sure documents or resumes have proper wording to make the best impression. Wait for the okay or clear answers before taking action or "quitting". Diplomatic negotiations are beneficial to all involved. Plan social activity for the weekend as conditions improve. Love is wonderful or idyllic. Weddings are favoured. Join hearts.

  • Aries - Stable or older associates are helpful to you now. Let them know where you stand.
  • Taurus - Work or business requires you to burn the midnight oil. Focus on getting ahead now.
  • Gemini - Opportunity puts you in other places or locations. Follow protocol for best results.
  • Cancer - Rely on officials or documents when dealing with joint matters. Words give leverage.
  • Leo - Stand your ground in a diplomatic way. Others will come around to what you really want.
  • Virgo - Take care of matters over distance. Negotiate terms that satisfy all involved. It works.
  • Libra - Your natural charm has a way of swaying others to your side. They come on board.
  • Scorpio - Promises made behind the scenes will be fulfilled later. Get something in writing.
  • Sagittarius - Old friends or associates are in touch. Decide if travel will be needed. Plan it.
  • Capricorn - Those in positions of power or the "boss" think well of you. Others will step aside.
  • Aquarius - You have luck with travel. Mate or partner could be jealous of your connections.
  • Pisces - Financial dealings come together. Make sure responsibilities are clearly spelled out.

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