Horoscope: March 28 - April 3

Mixed energies indicate some unstable conditions to work with. Give your intuition a chance to guide you through this it's temporary.

Relationships can be dreams on Monday - love is in the air. Eyes lock and feelings are understood under the influence of the full moon.

Power plays can be made light of midweek. Information comes forward to put a new slant on things. Get serious with finances and who is responsible. A shift in management may be in order. Truth comes out.

Some matters wind down toward the weekend - pick a place to go or move. Others attitudes can be a dark cloud. Ignore them.

  • Aries - Your slight-of-hand performance tips the scales in your favor. Your words have power.
  • Taurus - Connections over distance are fruitful. You can pick up where you left off if you want.
  • Gemini - The full moon highlights love and romance. Your friends help as they play cupid.
  • Cancer - Solidify home or base of operations. Use your position to pull strings or force action.
  • Leo - Use intuition instead of ego to get what you want. You have what it takes to be a winner.
  • Virgo - Join forces behind the scenes and there can be mutual benefits. Be the strong one.
  • Libra - Give emotions a chance to settle before you make decisions. Go with the flow now.
  • Scorpio - A lot goes on behind the scenes. Many plans need to be made for the future.
  • Sagittarius - You feel lucky - and you are. Unusual events go well. You win or make gains.
  • Capricorn - Special events bring you added attention. Get involved in gatherings or parties.
  • Aquarius - Money comes your way without the usual effort. Others praise your abilities etc.
  • Pisces - Your future looks good - finances increase. You have the benefit of the doubt now.

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