Horoscope: March 14 - 20

Set goals and get future plans on track. Make important contacts. Put things in writing. Buy, sell or trade under the favorable conditions. There is positive energy in the air and a feeling of renewal. What you imagine can become real.

The new moon on Monday is the perfect time to start or push ahead. Be prepared for unexpected calls, schedule changes or sudden events that affect timing and directions. Think on your feet. Take a moment to pause and see what your intuition is trying to tell you. Reach conclusions or decisions by Thursday. Some move. Proceed with confidence.

  • Aries - Your talents and abilities are sheer genius. Using them will affect your position or status.
  • Taurus - Others influence your ultimate direction. Watch health. Give your plans time to succeed.
  • Gemini - Your position will be good. Navigate unusual circumstances to arrive at your destination.
  • Cancer - Locations can become an issue as you may have to be somewhere you didn't plan on.
  • Leo - Matters involving others or family need your attention. A cool head keeps things on track.
  • Virgo - Attend to necessary paperwork relating to finances. Keep personal information secure.
  • Libra - Persevere to make sure everything works out properly. Deal with various situations.
  • Scorpio - A chance you take works out fine as long as you don't fall back into old patterns.
  • Sagittarius - Renewal affects home or family. Take care of estate, tax or joint finances, etc.
  • Capricorn - You end up doing something different than expected. Position or status is affected.
  • Aquarius - Financial sources or resources can be renewed from the past or over distance.
  • Pisces - Important changes or endings in the lives of others will affect you as well. Step forward.

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