Horoscope: February 28 - March 6

The Sun/Jupiter conjunction is positive and uplifting as the week begins. It's time to take the next step up the ladder. Meet with those who can help or give you the credit you deserve.

Luck is in the air. Expand your philosophy and faith in the future. Know your worth and don't settle for less. Dress or behave in a dignified manner. The full moon heightens this energy. It adds fuel to ambitions. Avoid those who would be wet blankets or aggressive. Keep the positive vibes flowing.

Sparks of attraction midweek can develop into a love relationship. Have the big talk.

  • Aries - You get "close" with someone behind the scenes. Make grand career or future plans.
  • Taurus - Your hopes and wishes can come true in unexpected ways. Take time for some R&R.
  • Gemini - You will feel like a winner in most areas. Status or position increases. Enjoy company.
  • Cancer - Distant locations provide what you want or need. Valuable relationships stand by you.
  • Leo - You have the best hand when the deal is made. Paperwork makes it right. Sign it.
  • Virgo - You can be the star at work or in relationships of all types. Intuition in on target now.
  • Libra - You can have your way regarding locations or surroundings. Any move works out well.
  • Scorpio - Love and romance blossom for you. Enjoy the mysterious, exciting or unusual.
  • Sagittarius - Luck with homes and properties is thrilling. Have special company or be a guest.
  • Capricorn - You have what it takes to succeed. Financial arrangements fall into place nicely.
  • Aquarius - New or renewed income sources make you happy. Your hopes are being fulfilled.
  • Pisces - Your personal life affects other areas and future plans in a positive way. You feel it.

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