Horoscope: February 21 - 27

Get tedious or heavy responsibility out of the way early in the week.

Judgments or decisions are made Monday the 22nd. Make wording light or positive for best results. Long term plans can gain needed cooperation. A person in the position of power or authority is helpful. Areas of passive resistance or negativity are put to the side. Regeneration is key. Don't let emotion override logic. Clear up areas of finances and power - sharing. Success can be had by all.

Take time out to meet with others socially. New or brilliant solutions can be found - be open to intuitive or "psychic" messages.

  • Aries - The "front man" is not the one holding the reins. Be open to further negotiations or talks.
  • Taurus - Matters over distance affect hopes and wishes. Discuss your plans with others now.
  • Gemini - Look over papers or documents relating to the past. You will need some of the info.
  • Cancer - Change the way you approach situations. Go around or over those who block you.
  • Leo - Draw a line in the sand as you seek closure or finalization of terms. It will all work out.
  • Virgo - Circumstances affect your level of responsibility. Rely on your intuition to guide you.
  • Libra - Check details before settling on investments or major changes with income sources.
  • Scorpio - A lot goes on behind the scenes. Keeping plans private will work in your favor now.
  • Sagittarius - You get "psychic" flashes about events (past, present or future). The story unfolds.
  • Capricorn - Alter your image or ambitions. There is an easier path to your ultimate goals.
  • Aquarius - Compare notes in personal or business. You will intuitively know which way to go.
  • Pisces - You rise above restrictions of the past. That door is closed. The future looks better.

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