Horoscope: January 24 - 30

Those with true leadership ability will stand out above others this week. Assume responsibility and honor commitments. Look at what is sound, industrious and productive.

Cooperate with authorities in order to expedite everything. Unite forces or efforts. Making sure information gets out to the right place will be important.

Keep romance out of the office for now, as it could adversely affect outcomes. Egos are delicate and must be kept in check until success can be seen by those who count.

Take any rebellious feelings outside. Stand up for what is right, but avoid direct conflict or hostile encounters. The full moon escalates confrontations.

  • Aries - Your need for freedom is curtailed by those who tug on the reins. Pull rank or leave.
  • Taurus - Where you need to be can take you away from home. It makes you feel unsettled.
  • Gemini - The full moon heightens your urge to settle matters. You need to work together.
  • Cancer - Power struggles can influence financial matters now. Go over the details carefully.
  • Leo - You have reached a point of conclusion in business or personal matters. You can go.
  • Virgo - Take care of matters behind the scenes. Pay attention to health as you forge ahead.
  • Libra - You can be quite emotional about your hopes and wishes now. Be patient and wait.
  • Scorpio - You can take a more prominent or public role. Latent ambitions come to the fore.
  • Sagittarius - Your mind is powerful and you are firm in the stand you take. You can win.
  • Capricorn - Take action on financial matters. Recoup what you can or convert assets.
  • Aquarius - Passions are high in relationships. You are swept along by the force of it all.
  • Pisces - Meet with others in private. They show you the route of procedures to follow.

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