Predictions 2010: Year of the Tiger

2010 is the year of the metal Tiger. Ruled be the numbers 3 (the card, the Empress) and 21 (the card, the sun).

In China it is the lunar year 4708. Chinese New Year begins at sunset following the first new moon after the sun leaves Capricorn and enters the sign of Aquarius based on when it occurs in China. The Tiger year begins on Feb. 14th.

In China, tigers are symbols of leadership, power, dignity and bravery. They are ambitious, determined, independent, loyal, wise and also lovable when they want to be.

In folklore, they are seen to have magical powers. Some fear the tiger as a symbol of evil, violence and danger. Further lore says that a tiger in the house will save it from 3 main disasters: fire, thieves and ghosts. The tiger's powerful, passionate energy makes them fearless and daring in action.

Tiger years are explosive. They usually begin with a bang. War is likely. This can include turf wars as well as gangs or mob activity.

Nothing is small or timid in these years. Disagreements cause action or re-action. There will be disasters of all types - natural or man made. Pollution and global warming battles become more intense or deadly.

Head for higher ground in many areas. There will be some repeat disasters in the places known for it. Tempers flare on many levels.

Terrorism will escalate. Watch New York. Sudden action will be a surprise for those caught off guard. Tigers love to pounce. Battles with guns or gun laws continue.

Militant types come up again or out of hiding. Political or military showdowns will be in the media. Some will earn their stripes while others lose theirs. Court marshal or executions are likely as well as military coups.

The tiger cares about nobility and honor. The queen is a noble tiger. She will be taking great care with which "son" will replace her. She will want someone the people can love and respect.

Some past tigers will be in the headlines, such as Marilyn Monroe. Other tigers will pass away.

Rash behavior will bring regrets - eg: Tiger Woods. Diplomatic efforts will be a hard sell. Avoid joint ventures in tiger years as trust is low and cooperation difficult. Deals are easily broken. On the other hand - sunken ships can be raised and new life put into failed industries and ventures. Dig out old plans or ideas. Change will be new and bold.

Fire and fiery heat of tiger years will affect everyone in some way. This can be part of a cleansing process. New and continued activity of volcanoes, lava and earthquakes will all be part of this. Sun spot activity as well.

2010 is a number 3 year and represents the holy trinity. Many will search the Bible for what the future holds.

Three also represents the empress or mother figure - eg: Mary. It also represents fertility, so there is likely to be a baby boom.

21 is the sun or (son) card - they will gain importance over their fathers or replace them.

Fruitfulness is also economic growth. Money can be made in the markets. Look behind glorious promises to see what is actually there. Talk is cheap.

Important weddings will be planned or take place. The public will feel strongly about them - one way or the other.

What constitutes a marriage or family is subject to opinion. Some will feel their family is a gang, mob, band or other.

There will be secret meetings involving personal or business matters. Timing will be important. The truth will be out. Scandals affect divorce outcomes. You reap what you sow in 3 years.

Examples of #3s are Big Ben, roses, Bible, art and sex.

NOTE: For those of you worried about what will happen in 2012 - the world will not end. There will be things to deal with. I will write more about that as it gets closer. Don't be taken advantage of by scams that will no doubt be there to take what you have out of fear.

You don't want to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy...thoughts have power.

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