Horoscope: January 3 - 9

Try to get organized. Things seem a little foggy as the week begins. Having a hissy-fit won't help the situation. Do what needs to be done. Positions change for those in control or the boss. Try to look at the funny side. Showcase plans or ambitious changes Monday.

Presentation will be important to get everyone on board with you. Put things in writing or publish. Words have power.

Charm gets you what you want. Favors could be granted. Relationships get serious midweek. Decide which way you want to go. Leadership challenges can become more combative - make sure it's all worth it.

  • Aries - Positions shift as it comes down to who is most qualified for the job. Gather support.
  • Taurus - Plans change over distance. It could work out better for you in the long run.
  • Gemini - See what you can liquidate or convert to your use. Clear up any back log or debt.
  • Cancer - Lay out what your needs are and most of them will be met. Balance it out.
  • Leo - It's time to close one chapter and move to the next. For some, it's time to retire.
  • Virgo - Juggle income sources to cover the basics - then you can relax with the rest of it.
  • Libra - Decide what to do with everything as others may not be able to. Clean house or sell.
  • Scorpio - Make choices about where you will be as it's up in the air. Time will tell.
  • Sagittarius - Shuffle the cards financially. Take care of outstanding matters with success.
  • Capricorn - Take the time to choose a direction or path to pursue. You can be too restless.
  • Aquarius - You wheel and deal behind the scenes. The outcome will be positive. It's time.
  • Pisces - Your intuition is strong and guides you in the right direction. Close any leaks.

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