Horoscope: December 20 - 26

As Mars turns retrograde, it is time to lighten up on the tough talk.
Look at options and alternative ways to handle things. Reset plans and deadlines to suit all involved. Venus, Jupiter and Neptune harmonize to bring optimism and hope for the future. Matters can be smoothed out to everyone's satisfaction. Share warmth, comfort and gifts. Wishes for improvements can come true, hold on to them. The 22nd is a key day.

Leadership questions bring truth to the surface. Power struggles are more visible, showing who is really responsible. Positions change under retrograde Mercury. Honor is at stake.

  • Aries - Work around those who block you now. Independent actions are needed for success.
  • Taurus - You look at options and consider a change of direction.
    Follow a familiar path.
  • Gemini - Break free of the past or ties that bind. Go for private financial arrangements.
  • Cancer - Mate or partnership matters conclude or get re-negotiated. Your talents are needed.
  • Leo - Special plans could take you away from work or other duties. It could be romantic.
  • Virgo - Alternate sources of income are out of the ordinary. It's lucky if you adapt to it.
  • Libra - Change with positions can affect location or extend to family members. Be there.
  • Scorpio - Entertain or meet in a cozy environment. Serious or important matters come up.
  • Sagittarius - You inspire others or give them a positive direction for the future. It's good.
  • Capricorn - Decide where your sense of duty or responsibility lays. You are a leader.
  • Aquarius - Connect with powerful people near or far. Arrange to get together to benefit.
  • Pisces - You feel more comfortable as your wishes unfold. You can say, "I told you so".

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