Virgo  (Virgin: August 23 - September 22) Heather Zais reveals this week's astrological forecast.
Virgo (Virgin: August 23 - September 22) Heather Zais reveals this week's astrological forecast.

Horoscope: Aug 30 - Sept 5

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Go with the flow as the week begins. Follow a practical plan or secure path. A focus on domestic matters is needed to calm or organize things. Consider long term investments, improvements or renovations of all types. Seek advice from older or stable people.

Compare notes or hold meetings Tuesday negotiations go well. Short trips are favored. Make choices between staying home or going out. Reconcile differences before the full moon on Friday when energies will be more dramatic. Dream activity will have impact. Conclude outstanding matters to everyone's satisfaction. Take extra care in traffic or saying things that are upsetting. Sudden moves occur.

  • Aries - A lot goes on behind the scenes. The outcome will influence home or location choices.
  • Taurus - Avoid snap decisions that could change the course of events. Consult with others.
  • Gemini - Don't invest or go out on a limb. What others say may not be what it really is. Wait.
  • Cancer - You work under pressure, but you can handle it. Distance could be an issue now.
  • Leo - You can push your plans forward in practical ways that others would find acceptable.
  • Virgo - The full moon will bring relationship matters to a head. Don't lose your cool over it.
  • Libra - Changes of direction or ambitions can affect work or status. Don't burn bridges.
  • Scorpio - Your intuition gives you the heads up on a situation or set of circumstances.
  • Sagittarius - Keep power plays on an even keel for best results in finances or property.
  • Capricorn - Your mind is full of ideas or alternate plans. Make sure they are solid or clear.
  • Aquarius - You may have to take an alternate route to get to the same destination. Relax.
  • Pisces - You weave a spell that is quite convincing. Sleep on it before you discuss it.

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