Horoscope: June 21 - 27

Try to organize tasks or duties to make the best use of energy. This can include some fun exchanges between those who are attracted to each other. Some of this activity can lead to life changing decisions early in the week.

The 22nd is a key day with some making all or nothing choices. Go with a secure, stable relationship instead of shaky ones. Discuss future direction. It may not have a future.

The new moon will focus on home or domestic issues. There can be emotional unity without being needy - no power plays. Situations of duress can escalate into violence. A leadership challenge is likely. Trust collapses in some areas bringing change.

  • Aries - Take a fresh look at home or family issues. The tide is turning for you - ride the wave.
  • Taurus - You look at new or renewed sources of income. It will come easy to you now.
  • Gemini - You can change present agreements to suit you better. Check the paperwork.
  • Cancer - You shine in family or community arenas. Display leadership or responsibility.
  • Leo - You pull things together. Changes occur that affect work or physical activity. Contemplate.
  • Virgo - Someone you didn't expect is on your side. You have considerable influence.
  • Libra - The influence of others can affect your status. Decide on base of operations or home.
  • Scorpio - You display your passionate nature. Meet in strange or different places to "connect".
  • Sagittarius - You have luck with work, career, homes or properties. Deal with others.
  • Capricorn - Romance is in the air. This can develop into something more. Ideas are good.
  • Aquarius - You have luck and can be a winner. Entertain or attend gatherings, etc.
  • Pisces - Charming words can change the status of a situation. You sway other's thinking.

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