Horoscope: June 14 - 20

There is a feeling of togetherness in the air. This can be on personal or group levels. Hold hands or embrace with sincere emotion. Romance can be taken to the next level. Decisions can be made Monday. Don't have your head in the clouds - especially at work. There is a time and place for everything. Suppress the urge to leave early others are watching.

Pay attention to driving or mechanical devices and weapons - there may be some problems there. Avoid nasty words or threats that could escalate. Creative projects flourish midweek. Use intuition to keep ego in line. The unexpected brings excitement or disturbance.

  • Aries - Make use of the unexpected now. You can promote yourself or connect to VIPs.
  • Taurus - Others are interested in what you have or what you can do. It's good financially.
  • Gemini - You shine - near or far. Spread the word. New people or situations excite you.
  • Cancer - Past connections can be brought forward to help you with present matters now.
  • Leo - Mate or partnership unions are a winning combination and resulting luck can be shared.
  • Virgo - You have the ability to multi-task. This will enhance your status or income future.
  • Libra - Time off or in another location can work well for you. Follow a speculative hunch.
  • Scorpio - You get together in a special or secluded place. Don't leave anything behind.
  • Sagittarius - Keep things moving forward no matter what happens. Intuition is your guide.
  • Capricorn - Some financial luck allows for better flow in most areas. Follow procedures.
  • Aquarius - Enjoy gifts or other financial luck. Use it wisely or safeguard it temporarily.
  • Pisces - Dreams can come true in unexpected ways. Those in positions of power will help.

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