Horoscope: June 7 - 13

The week starts out with the full moon in the sign of Sagittarius. This increases the urge to travel or contact those at distance. Complete matters that have a deadline before taking off.

Loose ends can be a problem down the road. Look at the big picture regarding the future. The small stuff will be taken care of when needed as things progress. A united force or merging of companies can result in much larger profits for all involved. Choose leadership that represents everyone to some degree. There will be some details that need confidential handling. Disclosing secrets will cause strange reactions or behavior.

  • Aries-You approach your goals with an intense focus. Be aware of events around you.
  • Taurus - Avoid going to extremes or spending too much. Follow your dreams in a steady way.
  • Gemini - An urge for more freedom is okay as long as you don't neglect financial responsibilities.
  • Cancer - The full moon puts a focus on health and work matters for self or others now.
  • Leo - Don't let unusual comments or gossip affect the way you feel about relationships.
  • Virgo - You have behind the scenes support from unusual areas. Expect the best now.
  • Libra - A chance meeting could lead to a change of direction for you. Follow a new plan.
  • Scorpio - Financial hopscotch turns out better than expected. Your instincts are good.
  • Sagittarius - The full moon enhances intuition. Disclose information in an effective way.
  • Capricorn - Financial luck or benefits are close by. Look at value in a different way.
  • Aquarius - Your charming way with words gets power people on board. Advance your plans.
  • Pisces - Handle your luck in a confidential manner. Others see you as a soft touch.

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