Horoscope: May 24 - 30

Make a fresh start with the new moon as the week begins. Consider further dialogue where issues have stalled. Mercury is still in retrograde until the 30th. This allows for things to be redone or rebuilt on all levels.
Take this time to look over all the details if there is no urgency.
It will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

There will be a beehive of activity this week. This can be domestic or on an international scale. Much can be dealt with and connections made or enhanced. Take a chance to be in touch with VIPs or those in positions of power. Travels will be fruitful.

  • Aries - You can put on a show or be a "star" now. Your words are delightful and informative.
  • Taurus - Confidential matters give you useful information. Follow any professional advice.
  • Gemini - The new moon in your sign allows you to re-invent yourself now. Change is good.
  • Cancer - Making a lateral move proves to be advantageous at this time. Relax into it.
  • Leo - Consider whether to continue or make changes with your goals. Choices are there.
  • Virgo - You can prove how valuable you are and that you should get more for it.
  • Libra - Sudden changes can work to your benefit. Be willing to travel if it becomes necessary.
  • Scorpio - Your talents can make money for you or otherwise boost your status. You can do it.
  • Sagittarius - A new or renewed deal can be in personal/business or both. It works for you.
  • Capricorn - You feel lucky as you see your future heading on a better path. You deserve it.
  • Aquarius - What you say or do now will influence your future and those connected to it.
  • Pisces - You will see how your dreams are unfolding in ways you envisioned and hoped.

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