Horoscope: May 17 - 23

Promotions or illusionary pursuits will see some putting money down or investing where they should not. Have someone with business savvy look at it first. Just remember those well-known words, "If it's too good to be true - then it probably is." No one is in business to give money away unless their cut is so high they don't worry about the little bit you get.

You can buy, sell or trade Monday. State your goals or wishes. Try something new or advance your position in an objective way. Luck is in the air. Intuition guides us toward increased prosperity. Catch the wave.

  • Aries - Your bright ideas can be money-makers for those who go along with them now.
  • Taurus - Present or demonstrate your talents or abilities to an admiring audience. Make a sale.
  • Gemini - Be prepared for change. This can affect your status, income or location soon.
  • Cancer - Deal with decision-makers even if you have to work around them or negotiate.
  • Leo - Power plays need careful handling. Confidentiality will be very important to "win".
  • Virgo - Information plays a big part in what you will be doing.
    Changes improve circumstance.
  • Libra - Don't push when it comes to signing. You have a few weeks leeway. Relax.
  • Scorpio - Take care with relationships that could affect home or future. Weigh the odds.
  • Sagittarius - Change your tactics or expectations to get things done. You are persuasive.
  • Capricorn - You feel lucky and you are, but keep certain details to yourself for now.
  • Aquarius - You have the Midas touch now. You gain attention, fans, money or possessions.
  • Pisces - You can get others to follow your wishes by the way you present them. Smile.

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