Horoscope: April 5 - 11

The object of focus may not be where you think it should be as the week begins. Ego may be an issue. Bite your tongue if you plan to say any words that could have an effect of finalization. There would be regrets.

Show a more optimistic attitude Monday to get things back on the right track. New or fresh ideas give matters a more positive channel to proceed on. Intuition can be a guide this week as well.

Get financial arrangements settled by midweek so there is some room to breath by Thursday, the full moon. Harmony is the keyword this week with the full moon in Libra. Charm overcomes almost all obstacles. Kiss up.

  • Aries - You have some control over others even though they have equally powerful positions.
  • Taurus - You can make headway with matters over distance. Make the necessary arrangements.
  • Gemini - Private dealings or arrangements can see a wish coming true in ways you had hoped.
  • Cancer - Your star is on the rise. Others see you as a key or powerful player now. Deal.
  • Leo - A whirlwind of activity can see you pulling things together or getting them settled now.
  • Virgo - Your position is good and you can have your way. The full moon shines on finances.
  • Libra - You shine in the personal or public arena. Show what you have to display or offer.
  • Scorpio - You have good luck in the job or career area now. Fill out or sign papers.
  • Sagittarius - You have power with financial or property matters for yourself or others.
  • Capricorn - You will feel more positive about changes that take place that affect your position.
  • Aquarius - Invitations are open for you. Put your best foot forward and others respond well.
  • Pisces - You look better and feel better as you take hold of your future. It's good. Relax.

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