Horoscope: March 29 - April 4

Mixed emotions put some in the hurry up and wait mode. Be patient.

It's fine to activate plans on Monday. Confident, inspirational words will motivate others to participate in any way they can. Buy, sell or trade. A positive attitude will fuel action, even if it's short term. Any forward motion is better than none. Follow a tried and true path.

Certain facts or proof may be hard to come by. Power plays are connected to financial short falls as diversion is used to hang on to positions or assets. Desired profits can still be made down the road. Look at what can be used or reused in order to recoup losses or waste.

  • Aries - You make important changes that please associates. It's time to cut losses etc.
  • Taurus - You make up your mind about important matters. You will feel more secure.
  • Gemini - Making a break from the past or negative circumstances can be quite a relief.
  • Cancer - You may have to be in places you would rather not. Do what needs to be done.
  • Leo - Make sure you read the small print in order to avoid problems or misunderstandings.
  • Virgo - Take care of paperwork connected to others or the past. You could benefit.
  • Libra - Reach a settlement or bring matters to a conclusion. Point of no return is now.
  • Scorpio - A change with associates may not be by choice at the moment. Take time out.
  • Sagittarius - Hold your position until you see how things are going. You have luck now.
  • Capricorn - Give advice or take responsibility on serious matters that may involve distance.
  • Aquarius - Statements you make can bring change or a break from the past. Move forward.
  • Pisces - You need to stand firm on agreements even if others end up leaving the scene.

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