Horoscope: March 22 - 28

The week begins with a power play as efforts to move things forward meet with opposition or delay. Stay the course - headway can be made. Stalls are not always bad. Sometimes it leads to greater clarification. It will work in this case, especially in the funding department.

Creative thinking works to alter the direction of focus for plans or projects. Short-cuts can actually work as a solution. Those not on board should leave before they feel the push to go.

Emotion and logic are at odds over financial matters. The new moon Thursday brings decisions and/or direction. Entertain, celebrate or get married on the weekend.

  • Aries - You have your hands on the reins behind the scenes. Keep it that way for awhile.
  • Taurus - Use charm on those in positions of power to get their vote of confidence. Wait.
  • Gemini - Your plans or ideas can actually be connected to the past, but packaged like new.
  • Cancer - Take independent action instead of counting on others. They won't be there.
  • Leo - Locations could be an issue when it comes to where things have to be done now.
  • Virgo - You are in line for gains from the past or others resources. Check it all out.
  • Libra - Mate or partnership matters affect your future now. Decide who will stay or go.
  • Scorpio - There is some work or action that needs to be taken, but it will be intense.
  • Sagittarius - Some financial luck could be used for repairs or improvements that are needed.
  • Capricorn - A need for change could see you selling or buying. Home or base is affected.
  • Aquarius - New or renewed contacts can bring up emotional matters from the past. Relax.
  • Pisces - Hold the line when negotiating finances. Get proof or details in writing before signing.

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