Horoscope: March 15 - 21

A situation arises where final words or a conclusion is needed, even if some don't like it. There has to be an end to the way things are. Take time to weigh words carefully so that gained ground is not lost.

There will be changes, follow through. Some matters will have to be taken care of over long distance. If you can't be there yourself, make sure who you send can do the job or carry the ball.

Work around blocks or confusion on all levels. Rely on inner drives and knowledge to get to the finish line - especially with large projects.

Hopes, dreams and visions for the future are still possible. Have faith.

  • Aries - You want to solve problems one way or the other now. You are being watched.
  • Taurus - You can negotiate for a better position. Others are willing to play ball with you.
  • Gemini - Show your creative side. You will be admired for what you can and will do.
  • Cancer - Pull strings behind the scenes. Get serious with those who are in your way.
  • Leo - Talks should have time limits now. You need to know what others want to do.
  • Virgo - Negotiate important matters. Some of this will need paperwork or contracts.
  • Libra - Move on it. You can't go any further with your present plans. Patience runs out.
  • Scorpio - Relationships affect your choices now. You do have some added luck though.
  • Sagittarius - Make plans regarding home or base of operations now. Avoid pressure etc.
  • Capricorn - You can buy and sell with confidence now. Look closely at the real value.
  • Aquarius - Your intuition is strong and you will see how future events are shaping up.
  • Pisces - Have faith that your financial situation will be okay in the future. Things change.

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