Horoscope: December 14 - 20

This will be a busy week with many activities. Get together in groups. Keep personal opinions to yourself in mixed company or it could backfire. Some could hand in their resignations Monday or have it out with the boss. Make sure you know how much there is to lose.

A new path on Tuesday is full of inspiration, but make sure there is substance as well.

Some imaginary influences are floating around. Speeches at gatherings can wax on a hopeful theme. Be realistic about what can actually be done out of it all. Don't upset the apple cart or it could be you that gets dumped. Let tensions ease naturally.

  • Aries - You want to change where and with whom you work. It can be done easily.
  • Taurus - There is some mystery about your status that gets others asking questions.
  • Gemini - You could end up in places that others don't expect. It works for you.
  • Cancer - Others affect your status now, so work with them on any needed changes.
  • Leo - You can take a leap of faith and have it work out for you.
    Career or job affected.
  • Virgo - The added responsibility you take on will work out for you. You are appreciated.
  • Libra - Moves or other changes will be fine once you or others get used to them.
  • Scorpio - Take more time with investments if you can. There are more opportunities.
  • Sagittarius - Efforts put into financial matters will work out in the long run.
  • Capricorn - You have more power behind the scenes that is obvious to others.
  • Aquarius - Those in positions of power are helpful. Work around delays or data.
  • Pisces - Don't feel bad or fall back into old patterns. It's time to move forward.

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