Horoscope: November 2 - 8

Some feel frozen in position, not knowing which way to turn. Weigh options carefully and go with a sensible or familiar one. Risks or radical moves will be costly. Don't throw good money after bad. Lay out plans in a way that others will understand and can follow. Keep it simple and to the point. Lies will not work and some react badly.

Illusions need to be cleared. Face reality. Avoid confrontation or arrest. Passionate speeches have an effect. A cautious, conservative plan will work. Get together socially on the weekend. Opposite points of view can
reach a middle ground.

  • Aries - Deal directly with those who try to control you or take your rightful place. Be confident.
  • Taurus - You deal with private or confidential matters. The past may affect how it turns out.
  • Gemini - Avoid those who butt into your personal affairs or the fur could fly. Be negotiable.
  • Cancer - Matters over distance or related to family become more important. Take action.
  • Leo - Pay close attention to papers or documents. There may be a need for changes.
  • Virgo - Keep your feet on the ground and hands on the controls. It will be necessary.
  • Libra - Time out may be needed regarding health matters of yourself or those close.
  • Scorpio - You get serious about financial matters and how they will affect your future.
  • Sagittarius - You can deal with serious matters in a way that others will accept. It's okay.
  • Capricorn - Relationships develop behind the scenes. Special feelings are discussed.
  • Aquarius - Break from the past to advance your position. Powerful people will assist.
  • Pisces - Relationships begin or end. Your position or status is fine either way for now.

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