Horoscope: Oct . 26 - Nov. 1

Follow up on long distance calls or messages. It will be important to stay in touch this week.

Be clear in your intentions and actions. Do things independently if you must.

Monday can be productive. Use whatever equipment you need to get things done or at least advanced to a stage where you can relax a little. Go for a walk to collect your thoughts.

You will become aware of your greater abilities. You will be able to do things manually if all else fails. The new moon on Tuesday adds intensity to emotions and time schedules. Take some of that time out for fun and games on the weekend. You have earned it.

  • Aries - You can drift in dreams that can come true in magical ways. You bring it together.
  • Taurus - Changes or surprises can ultimately work in your favor. Don't sweat the small stuff.
  • Gemini - Mate or partnership matters come together nicely. Make a win-win arrangement.
  • Cancer - You can take a chance and it will work for you no matter what is involved.
  • Leo - You can successfully cut overtime or deadwood. You have solutions to problems.
  • Virgo - You teach others some better ways to do things. It gives you added power.
  • Libra - Changes you make may cost you more than expected but will be worth it in the end.
  • Scorpio - You have the chance to make a comeback or resurrect the past. It works for you.
  • Sagittarius - Important statements or information impresses others. You're on a roll.
  • Capricorn - Guard your good luck from those who may be jealous. There is more to come.
  • Aquarius - Sudden contact or hearing from someone you didn't expect can work out well.
  • Pisces - You can pull strings to bring about the kind of change you need. It's up to you now.

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