Horoscope: October 19 - 25

Look for peaceful solutions to disturbing situations. Plans can change suddenly, so put aside matters that are not important. Go out of town if needed.

Stand strong on decisions and others will fall into line with them.

Wednesday the 22nd is pivotal. Decisions made will see some stay and some go, let them. Look for the underlying message in other's behavior. Review the fallout or aftermath to see if there is anything to salvage or carry forward.

Get together socially Friday, but follow through or complete Saturday. Some may need to move or seek a change of venue.

  • Aries - Meet with those in control of finances who can help you with your future plans.
  • Taurus - Do what is necessary to convince others that they can rely on you when needed.
  • Gemini - Extra responsibility can put a drag on other plans at the moment. It will be okay.
  • Cancer - You will have a lot to do that keeps you on the run. You can do it. Organize.
  • Leo - Renovate or clean up where needed. It just seems hard to get everything done.
  • Virgo - Make decisions about home or property. It may be better to look at alternatives.
  • Libra - What you do for others or in public will benefit your future direction or status.
  • Scorpio - Bring out details or evidence that proves your point. It could turn things around.
  • Sagittarius - Your power to attract is strong now. Get others onside for your plans etc.
  • Capricorn - Speak out or teach if asked to. You know the process better than anyone.
  • Aquarius - What you do or say will change minds or affect the course of future events.
  • Pisces - Don't be shy when it comes to blowing your own horn. It's time they understood.

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