Horoscope April 23-29

OVERVIEW: Mercury continues in retrograde so there is this stop-go energy in the air. Many pause to consider if they should carry on their current path or change lanes. Weigh financial benefits or value assets before deciding. If losses can be cut, then do so. Certain things are past their best-before date. That can affect relationships as well. Some have delayed the inevitable. Feelings of attraction or love will help with choices of where happiness can be found. Be diplomatic and considerate with all involved.

ARIES: Chivalry is alive in you as you see what is needed and seek to provide it for them.

TAURUS: You can lay out a plan of action that you have been putting together. It looks OK.

GEMINI: Use your charm to get what you need now. Others are willing to participate.

CANCER: You turn up the heat in personal or business areas. You have been patient.

LEO: You are seen as the leader no matter who holds the position at this point. Relax.

VIRGO: Making a move can settle most of your uncertainty. You can choose near or far.

LIBRA: You gain some leeway as others see your way of thinking and step aside now.

SCORPIO: You take control in personal or business. Prove your point or procedures.

SAGITTARIUS: Get a handle on things even if you have to dodge or go around others.

CAPRICORN: Information allows you to wing it in areas normally more structured etc.

AQUARIUS: Make changes with home or environment. You need to feel settled now.

PISCES: Giving advice or showing others what to do will bring it all together for them.

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