Horoscope: October 5 - 11

Listen to wise counsel as the week begins. Some need to take a sober look at their future and head in a practical direction.

Organization can have a calming affect. Any decision is better than no decision. At least it gives footing somewhere.

Some will hand in their resignation or be let go on Monday. Be prepared to move or travel.

Don't overstate your position or say things you will regret down the road. It's a small world. Cool emotional situations in order to get ahead. By Friday romance is in the air. Go out and relax.

Saturday is misty or intuitive.

  • Aries - Don't bend the rules when dealing with some financial matters that need attention.
  • Taurus - Some of what you want to do will have to be okayed by someone else. Relax.
  • Gemini - Don't invest on a whim or someone else's say so. You need practical data.
  • Cancer - You may have to deal with the issues or problems of a mate or partner. It's okay.
  • Leo - Some of your plans have to be kept separate from others in order for success.
  • Virgo - You can make a new or better deal for yourself and reap further benefits.
  • Libra - You shine at special gatherings or meetings. Speak up or display your plans.
  • Scorpio - Your sense of timing will be crucial to having things go the way you want.
  • Sagittarius - Your hopes and wishes can come true, but you need to play it carefully.
  • Capricorn - You can strut your stuff and garner praise on top of it. Enjoy the attention.
  • Aquarius - Matters from the past can give you added security for the future. It's good.
  • Pisces - Spontaneous travel can be fun and have value for future plans and relationships.

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