Horoscope: Aug 24 - 30

The week starts on a highly restless note. This can be in nature as well. Electricity could be an issue - natural or man made. This can also include exciting energies sparking between people in a relationship sense.

Looks are loaded. Make sure you think about what you have to lose before kicking over the traces. Take time to weigh the situation carefully. Private talks should start that way.

Digging for information could be quite a job. Persist with those who avoid giving you answers. Use subtle force if necessary. Don't let it degenerate into an argument. Push for results Friday. A new moon on Saturday. Start fresh.

  • Aries - Changes happen on a larger scale than you expected. Adapt to the circumstances.
  • Taurus - A second chance may seem like the past coming forward to meet the future.
  • Gemini - Others affect where you may end up now. Play your cards carefully to win.
  • Cancer - Take care of critical matters to do with work or family. There are control issues.
  • Leo - Protect yourself financially when it comes to investments that may not be secure.
  • Virgo - You will make decisions that affect others. This could cause a move or more.
  • Libra - You may want to spill the beans, but take care with how you do it. It could backfire.
  • Scorpio - Unite your force with those who have power or privilege. Keep a confidence.
  • Sagittarius - You may have to pull rank or have someone do it for you. Play it cool.
  • Capricorn - You have the ear of VIPs or bosses now. Make your wishes known to them.
  • Aquarius - Take a second look at financial matters that affect you or others. Investigate.
  • Pisces - Make sure your position is safe no matter what others want. Follow intuition.

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