Horoscope: June 8 - 14

Many feel a strong urge to take some sort of action this week. Make decisions and get things rolling. Construction should go ahead or be completed on time. Communications step up as well. Get on the bandwagon if it's going in the right direction. Turn the page to making progress. Some may quit bad habits as well.

Sun/Venus energies combine to make celebrations nice or glamorous. Special art could be displayed to admiring fans. Social gatherings are enjoyable. Use a soft-sell approach when making deals.

Flirtations or relationship changes catch some off guard emotionally. Friday the 13th causes change or a breaking of the rules. Take it easy, especially in traffic.

  • Aries - You could end up in places you did not expect. Prepare for interesting events.
  • Taurus - Other's may not give you what you want as they are limited. Review directions.
  • Gemini - Your position can change suddenly. Your words or attitude affect it now.
  • Cancer - You can tap the resources of others or get support from behind the scenes.
  • Leo - Give a little to those who can help your wishes come true. Favors are returned.
  • Virgo - Others see your value and reward you. Accept gifts, praise or promotion.
  • Libra - Doors open to you now. You feel like a winner in more ways than one.
  • Scorpio - Meet with others in a cozy or private setting and share magical moments.
  • Sagittarius - Your words have power over distance. Enjoy the influence you have earned.
  • Capricorn - Negotiations can benefit you financially or with other assets. It's all okay.
  • Aquarius - Your charm attracts many to you. They will treat you or take care of the tip.
  • Pisces - Some circumstances will be confidential about where someone will live or be.

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