Horoscope: June 1 - 7

Some thoughts and feelings can be changed or diverted by other's influences now. Take the long view when dealing with personal matters as you don't want to get off track. Look at items that can be sold or gotten rid of in other ways.

It's time to lay it on the line Monday. There is a need to start fresh on Tuesday under the new moon influence. Seek balance in all areas. Kick things into high gear midweek under positive Sun/Mars aspects that favor action.

Settle outstanding relationship "stuff" and be prepared for Cupid's arrow to strike on Friday. Charm rules in business or romance.

  • Aries - Take time out to focus on romance, fun or special entertainment. Enjoy yourself.
  • Taurus - Consider buying or selling after you assess the true value of what you have.
  • Gemini - You have a way with words that makes others listen. They like way you put it.
  • Cancer - You feel like a magician as you pull strings behind the scenes. Income increases.
  • Leo - Act like a leader and others will see you that way. Keep your words soft or agreeable.
  • Virgo - Your power grows behind the scenes. Prepare for more personal attention.
  • Libra - Connections or locations over distance take on a more important role now.
  • Scorpio - New or renewed connections to others or the past look positive for your status.
  • Sagittarius - Unite with others for greater success. It will enhance important relationships
  • Capricorn - Others are jealous of the attention and perks you receive. You deserve it.
  • Aquarius - Special moments together will lead to talks of marriage or partnership. It's good.
  • Pisces - Home projects could become a paying proposition. Look at all the angles.

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