Horoscope: May 18 - 24

There is temptation in the air. Flirtations and attractions are exciting for those involved. This could lead to some impulsive engagements or weddings. Enjoy the glitter and sparkle.

Money or assets look more positive and those making the gains will feel more generous. Be thankful for the gifts received. There will be some follow through on promises.

The full moon in Scorpio will make things intense, but this can be good when trying to push events forward.

Install new equipment or technology midweek. Out with the old and in with the new.

Thursday the 22nd is an all or nothing day bringing endings.

  • Aries - Put certain matters of the past behind you now. Move projects closer to what you want.
  • Taurus - Deal with closure the best way you can. You connect well over distance now.
  • Gemini - Focus on home or base of operations. A move likely for you or those close to you.
  • Cancer - Keep silent even if you don't want to it will be important in the long run.
  • Leo - Secrets are likely to come out now. Deal with them no matter how others react.
  • Virgo - Others look to you for leadership even if you don't care to do it. Step into it anyway.
  • Libra - You have luck with positions that include perks. Others will be jealous. Watch words.
  • Scorpio - Separate yourself or your finances from areas no longer beneficial to you.
  • Sagittarius - Unite with power people in ways that work for all involved. Finances affected.
  • Capricorn - You get unexpected attention which can bring you other perks as well. Enjoy.
  • Aquarius - Behind the scenes support can make you feel more secure. Increase comes.
  • Pisces - Special events bring you unexpected attention. You want to bring about changes.

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