Horoscope: May 11 - 17

The week starts off on a highly spiritual note. Some will wear their heart or their passion on their sleeve. A twist or turn of events will get everyone talking.

Lay things on the line Monday. Plans need to be put in order and taken care of that way.

Dreams can be made to come true through the right connections. Take care or necessary repairs or surgery to stave off other problems later.

Certain matters will be different than they appear midweek. Intuition will show the way. Social settings will be the stage for some to show who they really are.

  • Aries - Extra finances or backing comes easily now. You will feel stronger or secure.
  • Taurus - Your position is good no matter what others say or do to alter it. Proceed.
  • Gemini - You can make gains through others now. They are more willing to go your way.
  • Cancer - Those in positions of power can become more closely involved with you now.
  • Leo - You can take the next step on your way up the ladder of success. You have luck.
  • Virgo - You take care of critical matters in ways that gain you respect. Take a break.
  • Libra - You will have luck with homes or properties. This can be for yourself or others.
  • Scorpio - Pick where you want to be. You are likely to end up in unexpected locations.
  • Sagittarius - A boost to your income is well earned. There may be some private deals.
  • Capricorn - You are in a good position this week for praise or other gains - enjoy.
  • Aquarius - Meet with others in private or guard secrets now. It will be important later.
  • Pisces - Lay things on the line and others will respect you for it. Pull powerful strings.

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