Horoscope: May 4 - 10

There are restless feelings in the air and this makes some act out of character or in ways that others consider "not normal". Avoid decisions or changes that cannot be undone.

Get a fresh start or perspective Monday under the new moon influence. Look for what gives you solidarity or security. Land or property matters may need attention or settlement.

Keep relationship activity light or positive in order to motivate everyone in forward motion.

Emotions cause changes of direction this week try to keep up without losing control. Edgy nerves cause some to say things that are not meant.

  • Aries - Financial arrangements will be more to your liking as you see added benefits.
  • Taurus - You will feel that things are rolling your way. A new attitude motivates you.
  • Gemini - Secret desires can be brought forward with success now. Meet in private.
  • Cancer - You rub elbows with the rich or important. You make connections that count.
  • Leo - Your star is on the rise. You can take further steps towards your goal or regroup.
  • Virgo - You make plans to travel for yourself or on behalf of others. It works out.
  • Libra - You can benefit from others or the past. It's okay even if you have to share with them.
  • Scorpio - Mate or partnership matters are in focus under the new moon. Make a choice.
  • Sagittarius - Give health, job or career matters added attention to bring about improvements.
  • Capricorn - You look at ways to have fun, including games of chance. You can win.
  • Aquarius - Focus on home or base of operations. Organize or make some improvements.
  • Pisces - You shine in the eyes of family or community. Take your rightful place there.

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