Horoscope: Sept. 11-17

OVERVIEW: A lot goes on behind the scenes under retrograde mercury. Certain individuals don’t want to show their hand to all those involved. A shift in energy leads to some back peddling or cancellations. Ego’s hide their true nature behind lies and a mask. Investigations will be more aggressive, digging deeper. Those not wanting blame will provide some evidence in order to be let off the hook. Jealousy stirs the pot; a cold awakening is likely. Make sure paperwork is clear moving forward. Emotions reach the fight or flight stage. Pick. Regroup.

ARIES: Discuss matters in private behind closed doors. This will influence certain outcomes.

TAURUS: Support comes from unusual or hidden sources. Be open to discussing details.

GEMINI: Sort the value of people or things in your life and what changes you want to make.

CANCER: You put extra effort into getting your way. Make sure information is correct etc.

LEO: Backing or investment can be of a private nature. Keep it that way for a little while.

VIRGO: A Special relationship can make you fee more comfortable about who to rely on.

LIBRA: Take care of certain matters quietly until you see the direction things are going.

SCORPIO: Relationships can become something deeper as you share unusual interests.

SAGITTARIUS: Launch your talents or abilities onto a larger platform. Let your star shine.

CAPRICORN: Any travel plans should be kept private for now for best results later on.

AQUARIUS: Home or residential matters come down to financial practicality for either or.

PISCES: Your charm is strong and smooth. Others become more agreeable with you.

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