Horoscope: Sept. 4-10

OVERVIEW: The full moon in Pisces causes some to be more dramatic or act out. Words could have more of an edge as many try to make their point. Focus on what you must otherwise leave it alone for a bit longer. Conversations will be stimulating and could come to the signing stage. Leave a little room for adjustment it others are uncertain. Those in elevated positions show their true colours or become more emotional that usual. Be prepared for the unexpected; it is part of their message. Most of it will have merit. Maintain status quo.

ARIES: Put your best foot forward and others will take you seriously. Step up closing dates etc.

TAURUS: You turn up the heat and give direction where needed. They get the message now.

GEMINI: Stating your independence can make a relationship more interesting. Spar a little.

CANCER: Decisions regarding location are up for review. Make sure its practical or secure.

LEO: Compare itineraries to see if you want to travel together or alone getting to destination.

VIRGO: Trying to get others to hurry up could try your patience. Watch how costs will add up.

LIBRA: Past plans can be activated when all get onto the same page or arrange a meeting.

SCORPIO: Go the extra mile and others will show their appreciation. Its all good in the end.

SAGITTARIUS: Physical activity gets you going so pace yourself. Let others join in with you.

CAPRICORN: Look at the practicalities and necessary work involved. Organize in stages.

AQUARIUS: Watch dependency issues. You need to feel more personal freedom or peace.

PISCES: Check out areas of value that are there beyond your current assessments etc.

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