Horoscope Aug. 28-Sept. 3

OVERVIEW: There is added emotion to events this week. Big egos cause some to overstep decorum. Make sure this will benefit you in the long run or scrap the whole thing. Keep your distance from each other so it does not get out of control. Pay up or settle. Travel to look at locations near or far. Consider if it will be for short or long term duration. Make sure vehicles are serviced; check tires and brakes. Practical actions calm the waters and allow forward motion to the next stage. Those waiting patiently will get a break; be thankful. Energy is a bit stop and go, wait until you feel comfortable to take action. Sense as you go even when it comes to directions.

ARIES: Your patience is tested as you wait for others. They are slow on the up take or bored.

TAURUS: You look for areas of increased power or production. Make necessary moves now.

GEMINI: You step up to the plate as leadership is needed. Align with know associates. Meet.

CANCER: You need a change of location or venue. Direction is up for review. Pick your path.

LEO: Focus on your own image and well being. Let some people or situations go for awhile.

VIRGO: Consult with those not directly involved. There is more than one way to handle this.

LIBRA: What you say can persuade others to agree or come onside. Be gracious and relax.

SCORPIO: You can still make choices even if you don’t get everything you want right now.

SAGITTARIUS: Others seek you out in personal or business areas. Sort out priorities etc.

CAPRICORN: Stand firm in what you know is right. Your reputation will carry you further.

AQUARIUS: Attend meetings or be out and about more. Onward and upward is the way.

PISCES: Get others to put things in writing as they may try to back out down the road.

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Heather Zais has been a psychic since birth. She had a vision of her own future at the age of 11 that covered about 20 years of her life.

Heather has been involved in many missing persons cases and has diagnosed illnesses of over 100 people. She has taught and lectured in schools and colleges as well as at an institute in Germany. She has clients around the world. 

She resides in Kelowna, BC and does psychic and astrology readings in person, by phone or e-mail. She also does personal, relationship and past life charts as well as Tarot card, palm and tea reading. Heather is also a remote viewer, medium and dream analyst. Forward dreams to her for interpretation.

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